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Meek Mill vs. Drake IV

First, Meek Mill came at Drake.

Then, Drake came back.

Then, Drake came back to back.

Then, Meek — well, no one is sure what exactly Meek did. But it sounded like this:


Here are the best athlete tweets from Meek vs. Drake — “Wanna Know” Edition:

Warriors forward Harrison Barnes and (many, many, many, many) more on #MeekLost:

49ers wide receiver Torrey Smith and more on #MeekDidOK:

#JordanMeme? #JordanMeme:

NFL cornerbacks Darius Slay and Charles James II talk it out:

Thunder guard Anthony Morrow on #LifeComesAtYouFast:

…and second chances:

Saints safety Rafael Bush on no second chance to make a first impression:

Former NFL lineman
Damien Woody on #AtLeastTheBeatWasGood:

NBA guard Kendall Marshall on what was missing:

…and what wasn’t:

Blazers guard Tim Frazier on #AdviceForMeek:

Former NBA center Jason Collins on tough choices:

Senior Hot Take Correspondent Duke Williams with today’s — scorching — hot take:

Eagles linebacker Emmanuel Acho and more on revoking Meek’s Philly card:

Mystics guard Ivory Latta says a prayer:

Former NFL lineman Damien Woody and more on Drake’s IG reaction:

Thunder forward Kevin Durant and Rockets forward Sam Dekker on still being #ChargedUp:

And finally, NBA guard Darius Morris on the real winner of Meek vs. Drake — Twitter:

The Chirp: Meek Mill vs. Drake III

If you’re reading this Chirp, it’s too late. If you’re reading this Chirp and you’re Meek Mill, it’s not too late to stop. Here are the best athlete tweets from Meek Mill vs. Drake — the threequel.

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