Real Fan Life: NFL Combine Edition


I’ve never understood the NFL combine, but I guess I understand why it exists. Not exactly sure how guys running in shorts and jumping without pads on translates to future NFL success. But it’s a big deal, and it kicks off this week.

At #SB50, I caught up with a few guys who are preparing for the draft: Utah running back Devontae Booker, Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch and Ohio State linebacker and potential No. 1 overall pick Joey Bosa.

I can tell you for certain that these guys are going to be just fine at the next level …

Don’t Sleep on the Little Guy

You’re an NFL scout, and you need a running back. The draft is approaching when a scouting report comes across your desk, and it looks pretty impressive... Now, what if I told you he was only 5-foot-6. How far would you let him slide?

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