What the (Blank)?


Welcome to the latest edition of What the (Blank)? Just like on the first day of elementary school, we ask athletes to answer a few questions about themselves so you can get to know them better. Next up is undefeated boxer Léo Santa Cruz. Yes, this is his real handwriting.

One song I never want to hear in an arena again is …song

My biggest fashion regret is …Untitled-2Untitled-3

People would be surprised that I’m afraid of/superstitious about …dark

The most meaningless stat in my sport is …

One athlete I think could last in the ring is …

The greatest athlete on the planet right now is …

The single best song lyric of all-time is …

My favorite person to follow on Twitter is …

The best advice I ever got was …work

Draw a portrait of yourself:portrait


What the (Blank)?

Next up in our What the (Blank)? series is WBC heavyweight champ Deontay Wilder. Yes, this is his real handwriting.

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