Team USA in Motion


Athletic competition, especially at the highest level, demands both sharp focus and the ability to call forth skillful, fluid movements. In anticipation of the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio, members of Team USA took part in a special Players’ Tribune photo session that highlighted these two fundamental elements of sport. Check out Gabby Douglas, Ryan Lochte, Allyson Felix, Sue Bird, Ashton Eaton and a host of other American Olympians in this series of moving portraits.  

Ryan Lochte

Age: 31   |   Sport: Swimming   |   Olympics: Fourth   |  Medals: 5 gold, 3 silver, 3 bronze

Ibtihaj Muhammad

Age: 30   |   Sport: Fencing   |   Olympics: First

Carlos Balderas

Age: 19   |   Sport: Boxing   |   Olympics: First

Ashleigh Johnson

Age: 21   |   Sport: Water Polo   |   Olympics: First

Carlin Isles

Age: 26   |   Sport: Rugby   |   Olympics: First

Tatyana McFadden

Age: 27   |   Sport: Track and Field  |   Paralympics: Fourth (Summer)   |  Medals: 3 gold, 4 silver, 3 bronze

Donnell Whittenburg

Age: 21   |   Sport: Gymnastics  |   Olympics: First

Allyson Felix

Age: 30   |   Sport: Track and Field   |   Olympics: Fourth   |  Medals: 3 gold, 2 silver

Jordan Burroughs

Age: 28   |   Sport: Wrestling   |   Olympics: Second   |  Medals: 1 gold

Sue Bird

Age: 35   |   Sport: Women’s Basketball   |   Olympics: Fourth   |   Medals: 3 gold

 Jackie Galloway

Age: 20   |   Sport: Taekwondo   |   Olympics: First

John Mann

Age: 31   |   Sport: Water Polo   |   Olympics: Second

Simone Biles

Age: 19   |   Sport: Gymnastics   |   Olympics: First

Ashton Eaton

Age: 28   |   Sport: Track and Field   |   Olympics: Second   |   Medals: 1 gold

Of Course I’m Going to the Olympics

When people ask me if I’ve thought about skipping this year’s Olympics, I think of the whole journey — the commitment, the hard work, the sacrifices and the opportunities that I have let pass — and I tell them no. Not once.

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