Real Fan Life: Victor Ortiz and Erin Heatherton


In this episode of #RealFanLife, I had the chance to sit down with boxer Victor Ortiz, who pops up in the new movie Southpaw. He gave me an update on his injured wrist and we talked about his newfound love for acting, his disdain for Floyd Mayweather Jr. and how he randomly became a Boston Celtics fan.

Also joining in this episode is supermodel and Chicago Bulls fan Erin Heatherton, who hung out with me and my good friend DJ Jonny Famous at our TPT offices in New York. From Riley Curry at the podium, to what’s wrong with Jay Cutler, to childhood memories that still haunt us today, the conversation went all over the place.

Hope you can keep up!

Boxing’s Fight for Relevance

I was hoping Mayweather vs. Pacquiao would start a renaissance and help bring boxing back as a major sport in America. But with the whole world watching, instead of The Fight of the Century, we got a fight that highlighted everything that’s wrong with boxing.

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