Thank You, Alabama

New Jersey is home. It always will be. But Bama, that’s family.

More Than a Medal

A year ago, none of us knew we’d be at the Olympics. But here we are. And we’re ready.

What I’ve Lost and What I’ve Gained

One weekend last April, I went on a trip with some friends. I had been an NFL wide receiver. I'd made my career by catching the ball. A few days later, my left hand had been amputated.

Any Questions

Even if how it all came together wasn’t exactly the way I would have liked, I realize now that this is the perfect way for me to finish — on the track, in the No. 7 GoDaddy Chevy, with the…

What Must Change in U.S. Soccer

Maybe I’m not the guy you’d expect to be saying this, but it needs to be shouted from the mountaintops: The powers that be in U.S. Soccer have created a poisonous divide between the MLS players and the so-called “European”…

Feeling Good Again

As long as I have world-class basketball left in me, I want to be playing it in the league that inspired me to be a world-class basketball player to begin with.

Sixteen Years, Nine Teams, One Love

There wasn’t a party waiting for me in Miami when I got to the gym on the first day. It wasn’t clubbin’ on South Beach with cigars and all that. It was, “Your locker is over there. If you arrive…

Winnipeg Is Good

I mean, I heard some guys talking bad about the city and that Winnipeg was not a good place. What do they know? I love Winnipeg. This is my home.

Milwaukee, Let’s Ride

Right now I just want to take a second to say what’s up and tell you what’s on my mind. I’m not about to rattle off some kind of boring rehab diary. But I do want to say something, to…

How to Beat the Patriots

Getting to Tom Brady is like trying to beat King Koopa in the final stage on Super Mario Bros. Sometimes it feels impossible ... but it can happen. Mario can get it done.

Bills Mafia: We’re Gonna Need More of This

Look, I spent six years in Philly. And for the longest time, I thought there was nothing like Eagles fans ... until I got to Buffalo.

To Buffalo

I want to start with an apology. To the city of Buffalo. We got off on the wrong foot, didn’t we?