NBA Job Application: Marcus Paige

Jun 16 2016
Marcus Paige
UNC Class of 2016
Jun 16 2016

With the draft on the horizon, your favorite NBA team will be adding a few new employees soon. So using a format familiar to anyone who has ever applied for a new job, we quizzed some incoming rookies so you could get to know them better. This is the NBA Job Application. Next up is Marcus Paige from the University of North Carolina.

Name:Marcus Paige

College: UNC (Chap)

Position(s) applying for (circle all that apply):

Another player in this draft class I’d like to play alongside is:

A non-athlete who inspires me is: My mom

The most underrated player in the NBA is:
MIkeCreate-A-Player: You have 20 points to allocate to 6 skill categories for yourself. Rate your game:


The single best piece of coaching advice I’ve ever gotten is:

My best friend would say my best quality is: PatienceMy dream NBA Jam duo would be:

Mark your best three shots on the floor:Double clutch

From memory, draw the Larry O’Brien trophy:Champ


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Marcus Paige
UNC Class of 2016