NBA Job Application: Malachi Richardson

Jun 20 2016
Malachi Richardson
Syracuse University
Jun 20 2016

With the draft on the horizon, your favorite NBA team will be adding a few new employees soon. So, using a format familiar to anyone who has ever applied for a new job, we asked some incoming rookies a few questions so you could get to know them better. This is the NBA Job Application. Next up is Malachi Richardson from Syracuse University.

Name:Malachi Richardson

School:Cuse 1Position(s) applying for (circle all that apply):Shoot sg

Another player in this draft class I’d like to play alongside is:GBB x Mike

A non-athlete who inspires me is:

The most underrated player in the NBA is:KYRIE

The single best piece of coaching advice I’ve ever gotten is:
COntrol 1

My best friend would say my best quality is:

My dream NBA Jam duo would be:New KobeSPUD copy

Mark your best shots on the floor:


From memory, draw the Larry O’ Brien trophy: trophy


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Malachi Richardson
Syracuse University