What the (Blank)?

May 5 2016
Carles Puyol
F.C. Barcelona
May 5 2016

Welcome to the first-ever international edition of What the (Blank)? Just like on the first day of elementary school, we ask athletes to answer a few questions about themselves so you can get to know them better. Next up is legendary Barcelona defender and World Cup champion Carles Puyol, whom we caught up with during the 2016 Laureus Awards in Berlin. Yes, this is his real handwriting. 


The smartest guy I’ve ever played with is …raul22

The best penalty kick taker of all time is …


The weirdest instruction a manager has ever given me was …


Translation: “I cannot tell you …”

The best kit in football belongs to …

La Pabla

Translation: La Pobla de Segur (Carles’ hometown club)

The one player I would have loved to play on a team with is …


My biggest match-day superstition was to …


Translation: Enter the pitch with my right foot

The funniest guy I’ve ever played with is …


If I was not a footballer, my dream job would have been  …


Translation: Sports Director

During a penalty shootout, my secret weapon was …


Translation: to pray

The one thing I always had to do when I got home from a match was …


Translation: give a kiss to Vanesa

Draw a self-portrait:


Carles Puyol
F.C. Barcelona