The City Game

Mar 11 2016
Photo by
Samantha Appleton/The Players' Tribune
Photo by
Samantha Appleton/The Players' Tribune

Playing in New York City is always a tremendous thrill. To play in the Garden against my dear friend Serena, who is one of the all-time greats, was incredibly exciting. New York always has its own special buzz. There’s no better place to play. Serena and I both feed off the energy of these fans.

While tennis matches are always intense, I love playing the famed Madison Square Garden.

Here’s a diary of my day in the Big Apple.

Photographs by Samantha Appleton/The Players’ Tribune

I start my day at my apartment around 8 a.m. with hair and makeup. I have a lot of interviews to do!

Bright and early on our way to the arena.

Serena and I share a laugh at the morning press conference … If only I could have heard the question we were asked.

Signing autographs behind the scenes.

One of many interviews during the day. Here, I sit down for a chat with ESPN.

Out on the court. It’s a thrill to be in the Garden for tennis.

It’s been awesome getting the opportunity to grow the game of tennis.

Warming up. I feel good!

I’m just thankful to be where I am and I’m enjoying every day.

Serena and me hanging in the locker room before the match. We’re always on our phones.

Entering the arena, the mood is electric.

Taking center court with Serena at MSG. What a thrill!

We battled, but Serena beat me. She’s tough to top.

Packing up and heading out. We finished after midnight.

The whole event was a blast. I hope we can do it again!

Next stop: the Desert.