All-Star Diary

Jul 31 2015
Jul 31 2015

This past weekend at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut, Chicago Sky guard Elena Delle Donne played in her first WNBA All-Star game. Photographer Deanne Fitzmaurice tagged along for a behind-the-scenes look into the life of one of the league’s best ballers.

0028:04AM Waiting to do an ESPN SportsCenter interview in the Mohegan Sun Arena.

0038:19AM Make-up call before the interview.


0058:28AM I missed the shot.

0068:37AM Relaxing back in my hotel room.

0078:39AM Due to my Lyme Disease, I take handful of supplements and medications every day.

0098:40AM Yes, my room was a mess.


0138:47AM Amanda, my assistant and Director of the De11eDonne Academy, shares a funny video.

01411:58AM Me and my Eastern Conference teammates gather for pre-game activities.


01712:03PM Joking around, we were relaxed before the game.


01912:18PM Angel McCoughtry and I discuss the East All-Star jerseys.

02412:32PM Cappie Pondexter, my Chicago Sky and Eastern Conference teammate, and I get our ankles taped.

0271:07PM It was great to be hanging out in the locker room with my fellow East All-Stars for the first time in my career.

0281:08PM Stef Dolson for sure takes the funniest teammate award!

0291:11PM Passing an inspirational message leaving the locker room for the team photo.

0301:15PM Lining up for the photo.

0321:26PM In the West team locker room to practice my game introduction with Maya Moore.


0342:10pm Killing more time waiting for the game to begin.

0362:20PM Selfies!

0403:41PM Running out!

0413:41PM Maya and I ham it up during introductions.

0423:53PM Action

0434:15PM Waiting to enter the game.

0464:25PM Us players were competitive but also made sure to have some fun.

0394:45PM High-fiving the fans.

0475:04PM Action



0525:21PM Me and my teammates cheer from the bench in the final minutes of the game.


0545:45PM Giving an autograph to a young fan before heading to the locker room. I love my fans.


0575:47PM Back to the locker room after the game. Final: Western Conference, 117. Eastern Conference, 112. What an honor to be a part of an incredible weekend.