What the (Blank)?: NHL All-Star Edition

Feb 2 2016
Leo Komarov
Toronto Maple Leafs
Feb 2 2016

We were live all weekend long from the NHL All-Star Game in Nashville, and we made players fill out our weird What the (Blank)? questions. Did you miss Evgeni MalkinKris Letang and Taylor Hall over the weekend? Then you missed Geno’s very cool self-portrait, Tanger’s tips for scrums, and Hall’s LOLs. Next up is Toronto Maple Leafs center Leo Komarov. Yes, this is his real handwriting.


The weirdest instruction a coach has ever given me is …how

The most underrated player in the NHL is …cal

One thing I never mess with in my pre-game routine is …dion

If I had to give my shootout move a nickname, it would be The …great

The NHL player who should be featured on the next season of “The Bachelor” is …naz

The best advice I can give to rookies is …hard

The hardest I’ve ever been hit is …tor

The one guy that should have been named an All-Star this year is … dion

The best song to play in the locker room after a win is …winwin

In the box below, draw a self-portrait …what

Leo Komarov
Toronto Maple Leafs