What the (Blank)?: Year-End Edition

Dec 18 2015
Matt Harvey
New York Mets
Dec 18 2015

Welcome to the year-end edition of What the (Blank)? As 2015 winds to a close, we asked athletes to reflect on the year in sports and make some predictions for the new year. Next up is New York Mets pitcher (and NYC Bureau Chief) Matt Harvey. Yes, this is his real handwriting.

Out of every athlete, the one who had the best year in 2015 was …Steph Curry 1 (new)

Out of every athlete, the one who will have the best year in 2016 is …new

The coolest person I met in 2015 was …Liam

The weirdest thing I bought in 2015 was …boat

On Twitter Instagram, you missed out in 2015 if you weren’t following …
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.30.54 PM

It’s almost 2016!!! How do we still not have …
A Working
The worst thing about sports in 2015 was …Not winning

HALFTIME! Draw something …

The app that changed my life in 2015 was …

It was a great app, but I’m over …
Tinder (shh)

My big sports prediction for 2016 is …

There’s a karaoke machine at my New Year’s Party. Im singing …moon

In 2016, I’d be good if I never heard the word …

My biggest regret of 2015 is …
The best thing I did in 2015 was …

My New Year’s Resolution is …

Matt Harvey
New York Mets