Mustache Me

Nov 21 2014
Spencer Dinwiddie
Brooklyn Nets
Nov 21 2014

It’s Movember, the international celebration of a symbol of strength, manliness, and sex appeal: The mustache. Indeed, there’s little question that mustaches are the ultimate facial accessory. My teammate Andre Drummond is always trying to be like me, so I’ve encouraged him to also grow a mustache. Like I said, a mustache raises your sex appeal, and he’s a guy who, you know, has trouble with the ladies. Simple solution.

But Dre certainly isn’t alone. Here are a few other NBA figures who would greatly benefit from growing a bold, beautiful mustache:

Steph Curry Mustache

Steph Curry: The Matador
A lot of people think Steph Curry looks young. I mean, the guy got carded at a California Pizza Kitchen. You know what makes a man look more mature? Bingo.


Chris Kaman Mustache

Chris Kaman: The Dad Stache
Chris Kaman already has an impressive cave man look going. Even without a mustache, he’s pretty big and scary. But if you give him a horseshoe on his face, it really ups his intimidation factor to the next level. It just fits.


Rajon Rondo Mustache

Rajon Rondo: The Grandmaster
Once you see Rajon Rondo with a mustache, you simply won’t settle for anything less.


Robin Lopez Mustache

Robin Lopez: The Philosopher
Robin Lopez’ current hair choice brings to mind Simpsons villain Sideshow Bob, but toss on a mustache and BOOM he’s Sideshow Bob with a mustache.


Adam Silver Mustache

Adam Silver: The Aristocrat
An NBA commissioner must rule with authority, and nothing screams authority like a handlebar mustache. The only place my commissioner needs hair is on his upper lip.

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Spencer Dinwiddie
Brooklyn Nets