Dreaming Fearlessly

Jul 14 2016

TPT Assist rolled out a starting five of James Worthy, Robert Horry, Caron Butler, Andrew Hawkins and Marvin Jones in front of a crowd of over 100 kids this week at Heart of Los Angeles Youth to take on the question every kid faces:

How do I achieve my dreams?

In an effort to help kids #DreamFearlessly, the athletes discussed their personal experiences — from role models they had growing up to the adversity they faced while trying to realize their dreams of being professional athletes.

Butler shared his story of being incarcerated as a teenager. Jones discussed becoming a father at age 18 and tearing his ACL early in his college career. Hawk discussed overcoming the biases of scouts and coaches, proving his heart was more important than his height.

Because there’s no better way for the next generation to learn than from those who came before them.

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