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Apr 10 2015
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Apr 10 2015

This is The Chirp, your all-inclusive look at the best observations, jokes and photos that athletes have recently shared on social media. Because while not every story can be told in 140 characters… some can:

Retired NBA center
Jason Collins and more on Steph Curry breaking his own three-point record:

Bears offensive lineman
Kyle Long on being a man’s man: 

Hornets center
Cody Zeller on putting fans at risk:

Mystics guard
Kalana Greene on #ThatGuy:

Former Broncos wide receiver
Ed McCaffrey on the “offseason”:

Dolphins wide receiver
Kenny Stills on saving laundry:

Bills running back
Boobie Dixon on searching for love:

Texans running back
Arian Foster on meddling neighbors:

Apparently something happened to Athletics outfielder
Josh Reddick :

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