The Rematch: Keyon Dooling

Mar 29 2018
Mar 29 2018

“I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. And I couldn’t play ball anymore. It didn’t make sense to anyone else because I still hadn’t talked about the trauma.”


n 2012 Keyon Dooling lost everything. The 11-year NBA veteran had just re-signed with the Boston Celtics when a chance encounter with a stranger suddenly sent his world spiraling out of control. In a matter of a few weeks the man with a reputation for exemplary behavior both on and off the court — a model for younger players entering the league — abruptly quit basketball and checked himself into a psychiatric hospital. It was there that he was forced to confront childhood memories he had suppressed for decades. By the time he recovered from his breakdown, he had lost basketball — but he had also found himself. In this episode of The Rematch, Keyon shares his powerful story and his fresh perspective on life.