The Chirp: The Cubs Win the World Series

Nov 3 2016
The Players' Tribune
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Nov 3 2016

The curse is over!

In a historic World Series, the Chicago Cubs beat the Cleveland Indians Wednesday night in Game 7 to capture their first championship in 108 years. Athletes from across the sports world took to social media as they watched and celebrated.

People were pumped up before the game started:








… And then Dexter Fowler hit a leadoff home run:




People were having fun watching the game:







And David “Grandpa” Ross hit a home run:





Rajai Davis tied it in the bottom of the 8th:










The 9th inning was wild:








We went to extras:


Then a tarp came out:







And then the tarp came off!



The Cubs had a huge 10th:







And, after 108 years, the Cubs won the World Series:













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