What the (Blank)?

Danica Patrick, NASCAR Driver / Stewart-Haas Racing - The Players' Tribune

Welcome to the second edition of What the (Blank)? Just like on the first day of elementary school, we asked our athletes to answer 10 questions about themselves so you could get to know them better. Next up is Danica Patrick. Yes, this is her real handwriting.

– The song I never want to hear again in an arena/ballpark/stadium is Layer 8


– I am the best  on my team

– My biggest nightmare is Layer 10Layer 11

Layer 12 is my favorite road city

– The most meaningless stat in my sport is Layer 13Layer 14

– My perfect sandwich would be Layer 15Layer 16

– The greatest athlete on earth right now is Layer 17


– If my entire team participated in a Royal Rumble, the last (wo)man standing would be Layer 18

– The weirdest thing that an opposing fan has yelled at me was Layer 19Layer 20

Layer 21 is the best cartoon of all-time