My Favorite Musical Influences

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To me, music and sports are synonymous with each other.

My first memories of my love for music, especially hip-hop, trace back to my early teenage years. Since high school, I’ve had this passion for music and mixing my own recordings, and that passion intertwines seamlessly with what I do on the field.

It takes precision and attention to detail to perform a piece of music, just as it does to play football. Whether it’s me singing opera or me producing music on my computer, I have to lock in and focus. When I concentrate on the music, I know my preparation will carry me through adversity, just as it does on the field.

Below, I’ve listed some of my musical influences that shaped my tastes and inspired me to travel further into the world of music.  

“Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” by Kanye West

The moment I heard this song, it took me back to when I first entered the league. Aside from the lyrics and a great hook, this song hits home. It speaks to the attitude you have to have when trying to make a team in the NFL. You have to make the best of the opportunities presented to you.  

When I was entering the league, “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” was more of a mindset for me than a song. It meant that I was going to do whatever it took for a coach to say, “There is no way I don’t have this guy on my team.” This song motivated me to make that decision easy for coaches.

“Motorcycle Drive By,” by Third Eye Blind  

This is a record that I loved right away. It’s a song that I play on the drive from work when I’m in my truck. It’s the quintessential relax song. Some of my earliest musical influences stem from Third Eye Blind. I instantly connected to this song the first time I heard it on the radio.

Every Dr. Dre Album

I’ve been intrigued by electronic composition and making beats ever since I was in high school. Every album Dr. Dre has ever produced was a classic in those areas. The way he arranged sounds, his willingness to experiment, that’s what made him a great producer to me. It also still a big influence on me to this day. His music inspires me and gets me going.