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My Top 5 Fashion Influences

Fashion is all about being passionate, versatile and stepping outside of the box — all while owning your look. That’s why it was so easy for me to start my own bow-tie collection, Rock Avenue Bow Ties. I wanted to start a brand that would be affiliated with something genuine, but more importantly, something I would wear.

On the field people know me as Malcolm Jenkins, but I want Rock Avenue Bow Ties to outlast my playing career. So with every fabric, print and original design that Rock Avenue Bow Ties rolls out, the brand will speak for itself.

Here are a couple places that influence me and give me the inspiration to take my brand to the next level.


Social media is great tool for finding inspiration and great clothing ideas to add to your wardrobe. With the world of social media so large, people from all walks of life get the opportunity to show off their fashion tastes.

Urban Outfitters

I really like Urban Outfitters. Personally, I don’t really have any favorite designers and I don’t exclusively buy just one specific brand of clothing. To me, if it fits and is cool, I’ll buy it and incorporate it into my everyday wardrobe. It’s all about being comfortable, and that’s what I want my brand to be all about.

Ella Bing

This is one of my favorite bow-tie brands on the internet. The company hails from Florida and specializes in handmade bow-ties. They take their time to produce products with high quality, and that alone is something that inspires me. I want all my bow ties to be made especially for the person who is purchasing the item.

Like Rock Avenue Bow Ties,  I feel like each of Ella Bing’s bow ties demand attention the moment you walk into a room, and that’s exactly the sort of impact I want Rock Avenue to have. Ella Bing never limits itself, and it also pushes the envelope with various prints, from floral to polka dot. I want to push the envelope as well.

The Clad Stache

To put it simply, Clad Stache bow ties are conversation starters. I draw a lot of influence for my brand from The Clad Stache. Their bow ties are very unique, but it’s nothing too loud or gimmicky. When I make my bow ties, I want whoever purchases them to be able to feel like they are the talk of whatever room they are in.


Philadelphia has lots of places to shop, but the one store I go to most frequently in the heart of the city is UBIQ. The thing about the store that sticks out most to me is it’s exclusivity. It carries a bunch of brands you wouldn’t find normally. That’s how I want my brand to be. I want everything we do — from the fabrics that are chosen to the color combinations I pick — to be unique and unlike anything anybody has ever seen before.