Wine Baths and Dunk Contests

STAT, aka Amar’e Stoudemire, joins the show for another entertaining episode of Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles. The Suns’ legend reminisces about learning the game despite the fact that he didn’t start playing organized basketball until he was 14 — and why making the NBA five years later didn’t seem that hard. Amar’e then recounts his draft tale, and explains why he thought the Suns might take him. He then discusses his chemistry with Phoenix point guard Stephon Marbury. After that, Amar’e and Q talk about teaming up with Steve Nash, and about how much fun they had playing together, and about their conviction that the Suns could’ve won a championship. They also open up about how confused they were when the team was dismantled soon after.

Amar’e then opens up about free agency, revealing that he wanted to stay in Phoenix, but that he and and the team weren’t on the same page. That lead him to New York, where he had spent time as a kid. He says that he wanted to be the guy to recruit other players to the big city. Q presses Amar’e for an explanation of his “wine bath” phase, and Amar’e details the health benefits of wine baths. The three then talk about what it was like to play with Carmelo Anthony, before moving on to Amare’s time playing in Israel. He then tells his best Steve Nash story and gives his opinion on the best coach he ever had. The Suns’ teams led by Q and Amar’e were some of the most exciting in NBA history, and this can’t-miss episode gets into all of the behind-the-scenes drama in the desert.