The Weekly Roundup

As we reach the conclusion of another week, the team at TPT wanted to take a moment to reflect on a few of the posts that we’ve put up on the site that you might have missed (it’s okay, these things happen) while also highlighting a few other stories from around the web that caught our eye. Here’s our Weekly Roundup:

“Lizzie” by Elena Delle Donne

WNBA star Elena Delle Donne opens up about her special relationship with her older sister with special needs.

“I think people react to those with physical and mental disabilities the way that they do because they have a fear of the unknown — a belief that if you touch them, they might break.”

“Why I’m Coming Back” by Pascal Dupuis

After suffering through a life-threatening ailment, Penguins forward Pascal Dupuis opens up about his return to hockey.

“My ultimate goal has never changed. It’s the thing that I was thinking about when I went into the tube for the CT scan last year. The thing I was thinking about when I was counting out spinach leaves this spring. It was going through my mind as I pushed a 400-pound sled up and down the turf this summer. And it was the only thing that got me through the uncertainty and the injections and all of the medical jargon. That thing is the Stanley Cup.”

“Still Open” by Chris Hogan

Bills receiver gained national recognition during his stint with the Dolphins when the team appeared on the popular HBO show Hard Knocks — but that was just the very beginning of his NFL journey.

“The ball just came to me in slow motion. Then it all sped up, and I was throwing the ball up in celebration, just screaming at the top of my lungs. Fred Jackson was the first guy to come up to me, and we were just yelling and yelling. He actually went and got the ball for me and busted my chops. He was like, ‘Why would you throw that ball away? That ball is your first TD in the NFL.'”

The Chirp: Geno Smith Injury Edition

The biggest sports story of the week involved New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith, who will be out 6-to-10 weeks with a broken jaw as a result of a locker room altercation between Smith and reserve linebacker IK Enemkpali. As news quickly spread of both the injury and its cause, athletes from across the sports world took to Twitter to react.

“Showing the World What We’re Made Of” by Jamie Heaslip

In the first of a series of posts leading up to the Rugby World Cup, Irish rugby start Jamie Heaslip opens up about his immense pride and big expectations for the team.

“Our passion on the field shows because we are really playing for something that has deep meaning to our nation. Most games, we’re not the favorites, and we’re certainly not the biggest nation size-wise, either. But our national side responds to that challenge the only way the Irish people know how.”

Five Good Reads from Around the Web

  1. “The Curse of the 2014 NBA Draft” by Jason Concepcion (Grantland)
  2. How to Appreciate Carlos Correa” by Erik Malinowski (Sports On Earth)
  3. “The Evolution of the Saints Passing Game” by Andy Benoit (MMQB)
  4. “Raised to Be Respectful, Ikemefuna Enemkpali Lets a Dispute Get the Better of Him” by Ben Shpigel (NY Times)
  5. “Hellbent, But Not Broken: The Tough Birches Paddle the Yukon River Quest” by Eva Holland (SB Nation)

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