The Weekly Roundup

As we arrive at the conclusion of another week, the team at TPT wanted to take a moment to reflect on a few of the posts that we’ve put up on the site that you might have missed (it’s okay, these things happen) while also highlighting a few other stories from around the web that caught our eye. Here’s our Weekly Roundup:

“Show Them” by Martin St. Louis

After retiring from the NHL following a magnificent 16 year career, Martin St. Louis opens up about the impact his late mother had on his life.

“Most men make this assumption that they take after their father. I recognize many traits I have that come from my dad, like my work ethic and athleticism, but when I look deeper inside, I see just how much of me and my success can be attributed to my mom. To become a professional hockey player, you absolutely need to be able to shoot and skate at a world-class level, but that’s not enough. What my mom gave me was the mental toughness to not let anything stand in the way of my dream.”

“Keeping the Faith” by Layshia Clarendon

After Arian Foster spoke out about not believing in God, Indiana Fever star Layshia Clarendon provided her story as a believer while reconciling her faith with her sexuality.

“I identify as black, gay, female, non-cisgender and Christian. I am an outsider even on the inside of every community to which I belong. My very existence challenges every racial, sexual, gender and religious barrier.”

“Personal Legend” by Chris Archer

There are few people who can match Tampa Bay Rays ace Chris Archer’s contributions on the pitcher’s mound this year but it’s his movements away from the baseball diamond that he wrote about for TPT Assist.

“I thought about my parents. I thought about how blessed I’d been and how easily it could have been a different story, and I knew right away that my Personal Legend and my purpose was to pay it forward and to positively impact as many lives as possible.”

“The Crossover” by Paul Lasike

While Paul Lasike used to be dead set on becoming a rugby player in his native New Zealand, his Mormon mission to Alabama and his experiences at BYU led him to an unlikely pursuit: A spot on an NFL 53-man roster.

“It’s a crazy journey, man. I’ll never forget coming out to the field for that first game I ever played in (and the first full game I ever watched). It was against Washington State and it was sold out. This wasn’t two-hand touch at the park anymore. American sports culture is just on another level compared to New Zealand and Australia.”

“Fight Club” by Shawne Merriman

After training camp fights became the talk of the NFL this month, former NFL standout Shawne Merriman dished on his experience with training camp scuffles and why the Geno Smith incident stands alone.

“Quarterback is the most important position on the team. They wear the red jerseys for a reason. They’re a protected breed in practice, in games, in the cafeteria — everywhere. If you’re fighting with your own quarterback — no matter whose fault it is — you’re putting the entire team in jeopardy, and that’s inexcusable.”

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