Life is a Tuff Crowd with Brandon Jennings

L.A. native and former Bucks star Brandon Jennings sits down with the guys for this week’s episode of Season 3 of Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles. Q and D first knew Brandon as the ball boy from those Westchester High games back in the day, but soon enough they knew him as one of the top high school recruits in the country. The guys ask Brandon about his decision to go pro overseas straight out of high school, a choice that made him the first of many to do so. But Brandon’s clearly not afraid to be the first at anything: He also talks about being the first basketball player to sign a shoe deal with Under Armour. Q and D ask whothe best players overseas were, and Brandon names Ricky Rubio and Luka Doncic, adding that he’s not surprised by Luka’s dominance in the NBA. Brandon then admits that Gilbert Arenas was the first to bust his ass when he got to the league — and that Gil even told him he was going to do so right before the game. But they also talk about that time Brandon proved himself as a rookie, dropping 55 points in his seventh game in the league. Q and D ask about his clothing brand, Tuff Crowd, and the sentiment behind the name. Brandon tells some stories about hooping at Rucker Park, and his time playing for the Knicks. He
also names his top three life moments: meeting MJ, meeting AI and meeting Obama. Darius asks Brandon how much he made his first year hooping in Rome as a teenager, and the number had Q going back in time thinking about his first year in college, just trying to get that little Pell Grant! The
guys close out the show discussing their favorite players in the league to watch. The Knuckleheads will be back soon with more unguarded conversations and never-before-told stories to serve as your weekly dose of Hoops!