Chicago Queen Closes It Out

Bonus episode! Cappie Pondexter — the “first lady” of Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles — joins the show. She and the boys begin by discussing her rise in Chicago basketball, and how the city inspired the way she played. Cappie also talks about getting her killer instinct from playing with (and tuning up) the boys. She then explains her decision to attend Rutgers, and the positive impact that that move had on her entire career. Following that, Cappie discusses the WNBA draft, playing with Diana Taurasi, and what it was like to win a championship so early in her career. Darius crowns Cappie and Diana “the Shaq and Kobe of the WNBA.”

Talk then shifts to the current state of the women’s league, and what Cappie thinks that the WNBA can do better to keep women’s basketball moving in the right direction. She follows that by talking about playing overseas, her all-time favorite place to play, and why the game of basketball has inspired her to travel all over the world. This leads to a discussion about the importance of broadening horizons, and Cappie explains her involvement in the fashion industry, as well as her love for art. She and the boys then move on to their nostalgia for Chicago basketball, and the identities of some of the city’s best — and least-known — players. She then ranks her top five WNBA players of all time, and finishes by debating the hosts about MJ, Kobe and LeBron. Cappie is a Chicago queen, and you won’t want to miss this great episode.