Real Fan Life: Chris Bosh

In sports, it’s pretty easy to find individual players to root for despite which team they play on. Even though I have suffered all these years as a New York Knicks fan, and openly hated on all things Miami Heat (They stole Pat Riley! DJ Irie has three rings, and Ewing and Sprewell and Melo have ZERO!), Chris Bosh is one of those players I root for. A pro’s pro who never got the credit he deserved when the Heat won titles, but received a lot of blame when they didn’t.

After recently overcoming blood clots in his lungs that cut his 2014-15 season short, Bosh is healthy again and fresh off a “World Tour”-style vacation with his family. In this episode of the Real Fan Life podcast, I caught up with the big fella at Variety’s First Annual Sports Entertainment Breakfast, Presented by Mercedes-Benz in Los Angeles, to talk about his recent travels, life with the Heat post-LeBron, how he handles idiot hecklers like me, and his newfound love of guitar.