Singular Focus: Getting My Mind Right (Ep. 2)

This isSingular Focus, a four-part video series chronicling Chris Weidman’s training as he prepares to defend his UFC middleweight title against Vitor Belfort on Saturday, May 23. In this second installment, Chris takes us inside his mental and spiritual preparation.


For me, preparation is all about the physical, the mental and most importantly, the spiritual. If I’m not spiritually in the right place, I’m a mess.

You’re always trying to feel confident and to feel good about yourself, but what it comes down to is really giving up to someone else. Having faith. When I’m getting ready for a fight — when I’m in that locker room or I’m making that walk and I finally get to the Octagon — it’s all spiritual.

When I’m spiritually in the right place, there’s no stopping me.

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