Singular Focus: Peaking (Ep. 4)

This is Singular Focus, a four-part video series chronicling Chris Weidman’s training as he prepares to defend his UFC middleweight title against Vitor Belfort on Saturday, May 23. In this fourth and final installment, Chris lets us inside his strategy for peaking for the fight.


You don’t wanna peak too early in training camp, but you don’t wanna be out of shape or not to the point where you’re able to peak. It’s a science to be able to find the happy medium where your body and mind are at their best.

When I’ve trained as hard as I possibly can through training camp and I come to the end, where my body is worn out and I’m tired, I know I’m ready to peak.

My body is peaking at the right time. I’m feeling like I’m ready to fight.

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