Singular Focus: Matching Up (Ep. 3)

This is Singular Focus, a four-part video series chronicling Chris Weidman’s training as he
prepares to defend his UFC middleweight title against Vitor Belfort on Saturday, May 23. In this third installment, Chris takes us inside the study of his opponent.


The first thing I do when I book a fight is I go to the internet and I print out a picture of the guy and put it on my refrigerator. And then I see a picture of the guy looking at me, my family and my kids in the eyes every morning, and I list reasons why I’m gonna win this fight — why I can’t make excuses and why I have to go to the gym and work hard.

This is a physical game of chess. We’re all strong. We’re all athletes. For 25 minutes, I have to play that physical game of chess. And if for one second I lose focus and I think of something else, that’s a second that I could be on the floor.

I keep my mind focused on the goal, and that’s to go out there and dominate.

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