We’re making history this week when our first NBA head coach, David Fizdale, joinsKnuckleheads with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles.Coach Fiz leads us down the path he took from the courts of L.A. to the parade routes in Miami to the sidelines of Madison Square Garden. He gives a distinct look to the game. It all starts in a video room in Miami alongside a young Erik Spoelstra. From there it moves to assistant coaching gigs. The arrival of the Big Three in Miami. The move to Memphis and the dream of being in New York. You’ll hear why Chris Bosh was the key member of The Heatles, why coaching Z-Bo was easy for him and where he got the idea to roll up in white cars. Get ready for some in-depth storytelling. Fiz takes you behind the scenes and inside the locker room for a look at how decisions get made on the court. And all from a coach beloved by players and fans. He’s a brilliant mind. Dedicated tactician. You gotta hear what he has to say about the game. The Fiz. Listen up.