¡Vamos Dominicanos!


When I joined up with my brothers from the Dominican Republic’s World Baseball Classic team to prepare for the tournament, it was immediately clear to me that this experience was going to be a wild ride. I’ve never seen a roster so stacked with superstars — Canó, Beltré, Machado, Marte, Cruz … I mean, I could go on and on. But what’s cool about this team is that these guys aren’t just really good at baseball, they’re also a blast to be around. We’ve worked hard to get ready for this tournament, and make no mistake about it, we’re ready to show what we can do on the field. But we’re also really enjoying our time together. We’re like a bunch of little kids in grown-up bodies who simply love this wonderful sport. So we’re mainly just looking to win lots of baseball games and laugh together for a few weeks. We’ve grown together as a team over the past few days, and now we plan to win it all for the DR. Plátano Power!