First Step

Welcome to First Step, a video series featuring athletes engaging the communities most affected by today’s social issues, from education and unemployment, to child hunger and homelessness among LGBTQ youth. In this second installment, former Packers wide receiver Donald Driver takes a first step to help the unemployed of Milwaukee.

It doesn’t matter who you are: Hard times always come up. As a kid growing up, I saw my mom not eat at night because she was trying to make sure that her children had enough food. We slept on a mattress on the floor because we couldn’t afford furniture. My goal was that, if I had the opportunity to become successful, I was going to find a way to get my family out of poverty.

The Donald Driver Foundation started back in 2000. I wanted to make sure to give other people the opportunity to be successful. I believe that God put me on this earth not to be a football player, but to give me the platform to do what I’m doing today: inspire, motivate and change lives.