Welcome to Wade County

Future Hall of Famer and recent retiree Dwyane Wade joins the show from scenic Wade Manor in Miami for Episode 11 of Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles. Dwyane begins by talking about his meteoric rise from lightly-recruited high school player to lottery pick in the NBA draft. He and D-Miles then reflect on the time they were high school teammates, and relive stories of Darius’s mother waking them up early for practice. Dwyane explains how Tom Crean, his coach at Marquette, prepared him for the pros and how his time in college changed his basketball mentality. He then discusses the NBA draft, and how Q was the first one to tell him that teams had him high on their draft boards, which eventually led to his decision to leave school. Dwyane then explains how everything in Miami changed when Shaq arrived, and what it was like to win a championship with a bunch of basketball legends.

From there, D-Wade gets into The Decision, and how he never expected to play with LeBron. He also divulges where else he and LeBron could have gone besides Miami, and why Chris Bosh was the perfect match for them. Lastly, the three men talk about legacy, and Dwyane explains what it means to have a county named after him, and what he plans on focusing on in his life after the League. D-Wade and the Knuckleheads go way back, and this episode dives deep into the career of one of the biggest stars in NBA history.