E14. Knicks, Kicks and Cuisine With Action Bronson

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Ryan and CC are back with another installment of R2C2, chopping it up with rapper and former chef, Action Bronson. The episode was recorded on the set of Bronson’s new television show at Vice studios in Brooklyn, where Ryan, CC and Action break bread and dive deep into New York sports. Action discusses everything from being fired by Omar Minaya, to the time he left Derek Jeter’s final game early, to how to build Frank Ntilikina’s confidence, to LeBron’s future as a Knick. The rest is a conversation among connoisseur’s — touching on such topics as exotic food selections, nostalgic sports films and athlete sneakers. Join in as R2C2 serves up another helping of great conversation for your holiday road trip. And be sure to check out Action in The Untitled Action Bronson Show, broadcasting weekly on VICELAND.