E17. Coming of Age with Caris LeVert


R2C2 takes a trip to Brooklyn to talk hoops with young Nets star, Caris LeVert. CC, Ryan and Caris touch on a number of hot NBA topics, look at how Brooklyn has changed into an organization known for their culture, and address the challenges faced by young athletes. Caris also shares some of his top “I made it” moments, including what it was like to meet Jay Z for the first time. The crew then asks Caris to break todays rap scene down into categories to give CC (an unabashed fan of old rap) a better understanding of the modern age. Food is a topic that Ryan and CC have always been passionate about, and Caris eagerly tells them about his favorite restaurant in Brooklyn. (Fans of Chipotle will be happy.) From the baseball diamond to the basketball court, R2C2 keeps 2018 rolling by covering everything in another must-listen episode.