E24. Bonus Episode: The Players’ Tribune Presents My Generation

This week R2C2 takes a break to present a special bonus episode highlighting a new short-run Players’ Tribune short-run audio series, My Generation. In the spirit of no-nonsense sports talk from the player’s perspective, Ryan and CC hand off the mic to Paul Pierce, who, after 19 years in the NBA, knows a thing or two about the game of basketball — and is not afraid to openly share his thoughts on the experience. During his tenure, Pierce has observed both advancements and regressions in the sport — from larger salaries and endorsement deals to the end of rivalries and the rise of the Internet superstar. In this episode, Pierce chats with Shaquille O’Neal, who is vocal about a league he thinks has become soft and lacks an abundance of nicknames. He also sounds off on why the big man position in the NBA has changed so much. Listen to more episodes of My Generation on theplayerstribune.com.