The NCAA Is Broken


Ihate to break it to you, but the purity of amateur sports — out the window.

People sometimes come up to me saying, “Hey, you’re the dude that stopped the video games.” But those weren’t the intentions our side had. Our intentions were, first and foremost, starting the conversation of players getting paid. The amount of money that student-athletes are bringing into universities is staggering — it’s in the billions.

So whether you’re UCLA, Ohio State, Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky, or whether you’re a smaller school … everyone is getting paid. It’s the coaches, the athletic directors, the trainers, doctors — everyone on campus is getting paid off of that money that the athlete is bringing in. Except the athletes themselves.

I think it’s really as cut and dry as this: If you help make the money, you should be able to share in the profit. That’s the American way.

My book  Court Justice: The Inside Story of My Battle Against the NCAA and the legal campaign for fairness for student-athletes — took years to put together. Thank you to all who’ve supported me, this book and my campaign. I couldn’t have done it alone. It was truly a team of people who made this happen. Check out my book and here’s a video I made, below, about the personal side of my journey.