So Brooklyn

This week, Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles has a hip-hop flavor to it, as Brooklyn legend Fabolous joins the show. Fab recalls when he first knew he was good at rapping and how he got his big break on live radio. He then talks about what it was like to come up in New York with some of hip-hop’s greatest. Fab is the jersey king, and he runs through his outrageous collection and explains how he decides which jerseys to wear in his music videos. He also gives his opinion on who he thinks is the best New York hooper, and explains what makes Rucker Park such a special place.

He and the guys then discuss Jay-Z, and Fab explains how coming from a background similar to the hip-hop icon’s inspired him. The three then discuss what it’s like to be with Roc Nation now, as well as why Jay-Z is “an artist’s artist.” Fab then reveals which current rappers he likes best, and explains why the competition amongst hip-hop artists is different today than it was in the ’90s. The three then get back to talking hoops, giving their predictions for the NBA season. Q and D also explain how the “two taps” celebration began. Finally, Fab chooses his top three desert-island albums, and dishes on what what his first big purchase was when he got some bread.