A Class Act

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker and Super Bowl champion Derrick Brooks returns to Florida State University to meet with his most cherished mentor (one you might not expect), while remembering his Seminole’s 1993 National Championship season.

Derrick reflects on how he balanced his drive for victory on the field with an even greater purpose in the classroom.  While becoming the first in his immediate family to go to (and graduate!) college, Derrick was determined to prove that a top football player could also be a top student.  This was a test he would ultimately pass with flying colors. 

During his four years as a Seminole he achieved incredible success on the field, but may be most proud of what he achieved off of it under the tutelage of great professors like Dr. MacNamara.  Winning a National Championship & eventually a Super Bowl in the pros, may be what the sporting world knows Derrick for, but Dr. Mac remembers him most as one of less than 10 students (he has taught over 10,000) ever to receive a perfect score in one of his communications courses.