Uni Review: U.S. National Soccer Team Edition

At the intersection of sports and fashion, few things have garnered attention and conversation quite like USA Soccer’s jersey designs. This year’s were no exception. With the Women’s World Cup in full swing, we asked Dolphins wide receiver and avid U.S. soccer fan Kenny Stills to review the last 10 kits from both the Men’s and Women’s sides. Take it away, Kenny.

1. 2015 World Cup (Home):This jersey looks like pure snow. Clean, simple, pure.

2.  2015 World Cup (Away): This one reminds me of a Smurf, or a blue bubblegum snow cone.

3. 2014 World Cup (Home): This one’s just classic. Again, simple and clean.

4. 2014 World Cup (Away): Bomb Pop — you know, like the kind you’d get from an ice cream truck?

5. 2012 Olympics (Home):Where’s Waldo? Easy.

6.2012 Olympics (Away): Looks like the ladies were trying out some color blocking.

7.2010 World Cup (Home): I see where they were going with a diagonal design — but with the all-white. Clean cut.

8. 2010 World Cup (Away):I call this one “sash.” Very Miss America.

9.2011 World Cup (Home): Looks like she has some Beats headphones coming down her jersey.

10.2011 World Cup (Away): To me, this one looks the most regal.