Kevin Love and Channing Frye on Mental Health, Sports and Friendship

Kevin and Channing Share Stories About Mental Health

Kevin and Channing Share Stories About Mental Health

Channing has had my back for years — with both basketball stuff and life stuff. He’s always been one of the most open communicators I’ve known, which always made it easier for me open up. One big thing I’ve learned from him is something I wanted to highlight in my article about mental health — that we’re all going through something, even if you can’t see it. Channing is the perfect example of that. He’s always the funniest, sharpest person in the room, so it can often seem like he’s got it all figured out. But as we got to know each other over the years, I found out about his struggle with an enlarged heart and the tragic loss of both of his parents in the same month last year. I realized how much more he was dealing with, and how much more there was to him.

This month, when I was decided I was ready to talk about my own struggles with mental health, I knew Channing would get it. A few days after my article went out, we decided to meet up in LA to talk about mental health, friendship, basketball, what it means to “act like a man” and a ton more. Take a look.

– Kevin