Two Taps Origination with Trevor Ariza

The Two Taps celebration? It never would have happened without Trevor Ariza, this week’s guest on Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles. The guys talk about what it was like when Q and D were coming to Trevor’s high school practices when they were on the Clippers. They laugh about how good Westchester High’s team was then and discuss in detail how the Two Taps became a thing. The Cali kid then reveals how close he was to choosing Florida for school but ended up staying home to go to UCLA. He also gets into his decision to be a one-and-done and ultimately getting drafted by the Knicks. Q and Trevor reminisce about their time together in New York, including some wild pranks that happened on that team. They move on to Trevor’s return to L.A., when he got traded from the Magic to the Lakers and what it was like to be around Kobe at such a young age. Ariza went on to win a championship with the Lakers in ’09 and surprisingly got traded for Ron Artest the following year. He describes how important it was for him to bounce around the league. He also talks
about what it was like to play with each of his idols — Penny, T-Mac, and Kobe, and details what he learned from each of them. Trevor remembers what it was like to play with a young CP3 and what impressed him so much about Chris then and why he isn’t surprised CP3 is still balling at age 34. Bringing it up to the present, Trevor talks about playing in Portland and specifically gives Melo some love. These guys go way back, you won’t want to miss their bond.