Lil Rel Live from Chicago

Sam Maller/The Players' Tribune

A bit of a mix-up on this week’s Knuckleheads episode, as we go back to the live event we put on in Chicago during All-Star Weekend. Quentin and Darius are joined by comedian Lil Rel Howery, and the three get into everything Chicago. This hilarious episode highlights Lil Rel’s early comedic career coming up in Chicago, with Rel reminiscing about the time he snuck into a comedy club for his first live show. He also touches on what it was like to watch Q play at Whitney Young and how Richardson’sDePaul team remains one of his favorite college basketball teams of all time. The guys then touch on Rel’s mentors, getting into why Eddie Murphy influenced so many comedians — though Rel reveals that J.B. Smoove was the first comic to have him “dyin’ laughing.” He also talks about doing Uncle Drew and why working with Shaq and Nate Robinson on a daily basis is A LOT.
The guys then focus on the Celebrity All-Star game, in which they played together. Lil Rel has a bone to pick with Darius, since D struggled to pass him the ball. Later on, Rel explains why Get Out was
such a special project to be a part of and stands firm in his belief that it should have won an Oscar. Lil Rel brings the pride of Chicago and a whole lot of laughs to Knuckleheads’ second-ever live event!