The Chirp: The Mets Win the Pennant

The Mets?

The Mets.

On Wednesday night, the New York Mets defeated the Chicago Cubs, 8-3, to sweep the NLCS and advance to their first World Series since 2000.

As the series came to a close and the celebration got underway, athletes from across the sports world took to Twitter to react:

OH MY GOODNESS DANIEL MURPHY— Sam Dekker (@dekker)October 22, 2015

If it goes Royals/Mets for the WS I presume it would get the lowest TV ratings ever.. Just from a sports fan standpoint
— Sam Dekker (@dekker) October 22, 2015

My tweets make people fight each other and cuss at me relentlessly. I love/hate the internet so much.

Sam Dekker (@dekker) October 22, 2015

When I respond to some fools and they go “lol just wanted a response bro, I’m kidding, btw big fan man!”
— Sam Dekker (@dekker) October 22, 2015