Wake Up Happy: Rule No. 16

Rule No. 16: Dreams don’t work unless you do.


If you’ve read some of the other rules and haven’t picked up on the “you have to work” theme yet, you’re just never going to get it.

It took a lot of grinding to live my NFL dreams. And when I left the NFL and started my TV career, it took even more work. I didn’t just get good at TV because I played in the NFL.

But I did get kind of lucky in that the TV process is a lot like football. It’s about discipline. It’s about hard work and long hours. It’s sitting down and watching film and studying yourself and self-evaluating. Tempo. Feel. It’s a constant process.

Even now, it’s a study. I am constantly paying attention to how Kelly asks questions — how Terry, Howie and Jimmy emphasize their words. The work and the learning never stops.

Those are just the things I have to do to keep making my dreams work, but my dreams only work as long as I put in the work.


Michael Strahan is a Pro Football Hall of Famer who is the co-host of LIVE with Kelly and Michael, a FOX NFL Sunday Analyst and a special co-host of Good Morning America. His book, Wake Up Happy​: The Dream Big, Win Big Guide To Transforming Your Life, is available for pre-order now and hits stores October 13. Learn more at wakeuphappy.com.