Wake Up Happy: Rule No. 9

Rule No. 9: Not if but when. The secret to success lies not in luck

but in the things you do every day.


I could take everything I said under Rule No. 3 and just copy and paste it here and it would all apply.

But instead, let’s talk about working out.

When I started working out at a young age, I didn’t have any real physical goals besides losing weight. I wasn’t thinking about football yet. But when I started playing football, working out was already a staple in my life. It was already a habit, and that served me well. I was never shy about hitting the weight room, because that’s what I did. It was part of my routine.

But I also really liked to work out alone.

I just always felt like if I was working out with someone else, I could see what the other guy was doing, and I’d only work harder than him that day. But if I worked out alone and I couldn’t see what the other guys were doing, I worked that much harder to make sure I wasn’t being outworked by anybody.

Just working out every day wasn’t enough. Pushing myself that extra mile by working out alone is what helped me really gain that edge.

It’s about what you do as part of your everyday routine, but also in how you attack it. We are what we repeatedly do.


Michael Strahan is a Pro Football Hall of Famer who is the co-host of LIVE with Kelly and Michael, a FOX NFL Sunday Analyst and a special co-host of Good Morning America. His book, Wake Up Happy​: The Dream Big, Win Big Guide To Transforming Your Life, is available for pre-order now and hits stores October 13. Learn more at wakeuphappy.com.