What I've Lost and What I've Gained

Guillermo Hernandez Martinez/The Players

One weekend last April, I went on a trip with some friends. I had been an NFL wide receiver. I’d made my career by catching the ball.

A few days later, my left hand had been amputated.

Here’s the story of what happened, and how my accident has changed my life.

Before I begin, I’d just like to thank a few people. I want to thank my wife for being my rock throughout this whole process, and I want to thank my family and friends for their support. To Ron Courson, Thomas Settles, Carla Williams, Bryant Gantt, and everyone at UGA who was there for me from the very beginning — thank you. I’d also like to thank Dr. Star, Dr. Howell, Dr. Seiler, Dan Acker at Georgia Hand, Shoulder, & Elbow, and Piedmont Atlanta Hospital for their great work.

O.K., here’s my story.