Nick the Quick

Nick the Quick showed UP for this week’s episode of Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles! The Lakers legend looks back on his Exel-lent career: From playing on Bobby Huggins’s tenacious Bearcats squad to bringing his flash to the Lakers, Nick Van Exel’s grind never stopped. He shares stories of what a kid named Kobe was like as a rookie and about that time the Lakers had four All-Stars on the same roster. That leads the guys into a discussion of stacked teams that just can’t seem to win. Nick gives credit to Steve Kerr, who showed up in that ’03 playoff series to send Nick and the Mavs home. He also breaks down the role of sixth man and makes it clear that real basketball players know that what really counts isn’t starting, it’s being on the floor in the last two minutes of the game — when it’s “winning time.” Darius and Nick reminisce on their Portland days together. Nick reveals that Nick the Quick is his favorite nickname simply because of who gave it to him. Tune in to hear the full basketball journey from our main man Nick Van Exel.