On New Year's Resolutions

Welcome to Out of Context, a video series created, produced and self-recorded by athletes. Here, athletes document the many facets of their lives — the professional, the personal, the political and beyond. 

I know people here in the U.S. are pretty big on New Year’s resolutions, but at least myself, I’m not a big believer in them.

I believe I have to keep working throughout the year, no matter what part of the year it is — during the season, in the summer, any time. That’s the way I know I can achieve my goals as a player and as a person.

I am starting this year with a lot of gratitude. I’m thankful for my family, friends and fans for your support. I’m really thankful for my teammates over the past year, too. Especially our rookies, Frank and Dot. They’re really coming along — you can almost see their growth game by game.

Oh and finally, I’m thankful for Michael Beasley’s singing voice. We are forced to listen to him sing all the time … so that you don’t have to. (You’re welcome.) Here’s little taste of it on video.

I hope 2018 is a happy, healthy year for you and your family.